Oncology preclinical models

Cancer in vitro assays:

Oncology preclinical efficacy Imavita

In vitro efficacy testing:
– Growth inhibition
– Cytotoxicity activity

Cytometry analysis / Non-adherent cells:
– ALDH activity
– Specific stainings

Transplantation mouse models:

In-house in vitro facility
Cells preparation / Cell line amplification
– Cells counting and control prior injection
– Primary tumour following SC / orthotopic implantation
Metastasis dissemination following ortho. / IV / IP / IC injections

Preclinical model oncology Imavita

Syngeneic models / examples

Breast adenocarcinoma: 4T1 / Balb/c mice
Pancreas carcinoma: TGP49
Melanoma: B16 & B16F10 / C57BL/6

Xenograft models / examples

Acute Myeloid Leukemia / AML: MOLM-14 cell line
Pancreas carcinoma: Mia-Pa-Ca / Panc-1 cell lines
Breast adenocarcinoma: MDA-MB-231 cell line
Melanoma: A375 cell line
Lung carcinoma: A549 cell line

Preclinical imaging Oncology Imavita

Tumour / Metastasis dissemination / in vivo evaluation

Tumour volume / Caliper measurement
Bioluminescence BLI / Fluorescence FLI
Fluorescence Tomography (FMT)
Ultrasound high & low resolution
PECT/CT  (99mTc, 111In, 123I, 201Th / Dual detection possible)
PET/CT (18F / FDG)
Micro-angiography (terminal)

Tumour characterization / ex vivo:

Cytometry (AML)
Histology / IHC / Histomorphometry
– Tumour morphology HES
– Vascularization / Angiogenesis / IHC CD31/CD34
– Leucocyte infiltration / IHC CD45
– Proliferation index / IHC Ki-67

Preclinical efficacy in vitro ALDH

For additional informations on these models or on other preclinical models in the oncology area, please inquire.