Buildings / Offices & Laboratories

Site address: Canal Biotech
3 rue des Satellites 31400,
Toulouse, France

Offices: about 80m2 (861 ft2)
Location Canal biotech / Building 1

Laboratories: about 30 m2 (323 ft2)
Location Canal Biotech / Building 2

Facilities / In vivo & Laboratories

Laboratories for in vivo experiments: In vivo facilities (identified “ZEF”)
– With accreditation from French veterinary authorities (DDPP)
– Shared private animal facility about 420 m2 (4 520 ft2)
– Total capacity cages about 650 cages (ventilated IVC or filter cages / Tecniplast)
– Washing and sterilization cabinets

6 housing rooms:
– SPF / SOPF status (health status available on demand) with positive air pressure (SPF/SOPF rodents housing)
– Separated conventional / infectious (ABSL-1 / ABSL-2) with negative air pressure (rabbits & conventional housing of rodents)
– Continuous monitoring of enrichment in cages

7 experimentation rooms including experimental material:
– Safety cabinet for sterile handling of test drugs or handling of immuno-compromised animals
– Isofluran anesthesia
– Surgery equipment

Imaging apparatus

Imavita Optical imaging BLI FLI for Preclinical Efficacy testing

In vivo imaging / In house:
– Bioluminescence 2D/3D BLI / Fluorescence FLI 2D (Newton 7.0, Vilber)
– FMT / Fluorescence Mediated Tomography / Molecular Imaging (FMT2500, Perkin-Elmer)
– Optical Coherence Tomography OCT (OQLabscope, Lumedica)
Laser Doppler Imaging LDI (Moor Inst.)
Thermography FLIR camera (FLIR Teledyne)
– Ultrasonography / Clinical resolution
– Behavior recording cameras with observation cages

In vivo imaging / Privileged access platform:
– PET/CT (nanoScan/CT, Mediso)
– SPECT/CT (nanoScan SPECT/CT, Mediso)
– MRI / MRS PharmaScan 7T (Bruker)

Laboratory material resources

Preclinical formulation laboratory:
Scales and micro-scales for accurate drugs preparation (Accuracy 0.1mg to 0.01mg)
Homogenization formulations material:
Precellys™ (Bertin Technologies, France) homogenizer (emulsions preparations i.e.  immunization formulations)
Sonication bath for suspensions homogenization
Ultra-Turrax (Ika, Germany)  for different volumes (from milliter to liter) for emulsions (i.e.  immunization formulations)
Mixers (Ika, Germany):
– Vortex / Single and multiple tubes
– Rocker / Plate agitator
– Loopster
Implen™ NanoPhotometer™ NP80 Nano-Volume and Cuvette UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Cell culture laboratory:
– Safety cabinet BSL2
– CO2 @ +37°C incubators
– Cell counter (NucleoCounter, Chemometec)
– Inverted microscope (TS100, Nikon)
– Centrifuges (small / large volumes)
– Hot water baths
– Storage at +4°C / -20°C / -80°C / -150°C / Liquid nitrogen

Microbiology laboratory:
– Safety cabinet BSL2
– Incubator @ +37°C
– Upright microscope

Post-sampling treatment:
– Centrifuges
Precellys™ (Bertin Technologies, France) homogenizer
Ultra-Turrax (Ika, Germany)
– Tissue / cells dissociation (prior cytometry): gentleMACS™ Octo Dissociator with Heaters (Miltenyi Biotec)
– Magnetic cells sorting (prior cytometry): QuadroMACS™(Miltenyi Biotec)
– Post-sampling storage at +4°C / -80°C / Flash freezing in dry ice or liquid nitrogen

Bioanalysis laboratory:
Implen™ NanoPhotometer™ NP80 Nano-Volume and Cuvette UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
– 96-well-plate reader Synergy H1 (Biotek / Agilent) with UV / Bioluminescence / Chemiluminescence / Fluorescence detection
– 96-well plate washer ELx405 (Biotek / Agilent)
– Protein/DNA/RNA Bioanalyzer 2100 (Agilent)
StepOnePlus™ Real-Time PCR System (Applied Biosystems / ThermoFisher Scientific)
– Post-sampling storage at +4°C / -20°C / -80°C