• Hapten model induction
  • Sensitization and repeated challenge with oxazolone / topically on back and ear
  • Immunocompetent rodent sp. (Balb/c strain)
  • Clinical endpoints / scoring (equivalent to SCORAD):
    • Back skin dryness/scaling
    • Back skin redness/erythema
    • Ear and back skin thickness/edema
    • Back skin excoriations
    • Itching (observed behaviour)
  • Ethical endpoints: bodyweight / feeding & drinking behavior / general behavior / maximal scoring threshold
  • Corticoid (betamethasone, clobetasol) or immunosuppressor as positive control
  • Blood samplings for circulating (cytokines)
  • Skin biomarkers analysis
  • Ex vivo imaging (histology HES / IHC / electron microscopy (SEM))
  • Statistical analysis of efficacy data: clinical scoring and histomorphometrics

Induction with other chemicals for haptens induction (calcipotriol / DNCB) is also available

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