Imavita preclinical services

Imavita proposes global or more specific preclinical services in the following areas:

These services permit to evaluate:

  • Efficacy and/or toxicity of new chemical entities, drugs, therapeutical molecules (from small molecules to peptides & proteins)
  • Pharmacokinetics / biodistribution of labelled / unlabelled compounds

The process of developing a novel drug is time consuming and costly. To increase the chances of successfully completing a clinical trial leading to the approval of a new drug, the choice of appropriate preclinical services and models is of utmost importance. Identifying a safe, potent, and efficacious drug requires thorough preclinical testing, which evaluates aspects of pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, and toxicology in in vitro and in vivo settings. Nevertheless, merely a small fraction of investigational new drugs tested in clinical trials after passing preclinical evaluation eventually lead to a marketed product. Hence, there is a need for optimising current standard preclinical approaches to better mimic the complexity of human disease mechanisms.