The following applications of Imavita’s services can be used in Medical Devices development:


  • Local tolerance in human size species
  • Inflammation imaging in implanted models (in vivo imaging / histopathology)

PK of MD metal particules / leaching products

  • Injection in regulatory toxicology species
  • MS analysis in blood / tissues
  • Applications: Articulated MDs

Efficacy of Medical Devices

  • In vivo imaging
    • Dual Energy CT (artefacts attenuation)
    • Fluid Dynamics application for vascular MDs
  • Ex vivo imaging: histopathology
  • In pathological or healthy models
  • Applications: Stents / Drug-Eluting Stents / Prosthetics

PK of Drug Eluting Medical Devices

  • Blood and tissue sampling from implanted models
  • PK analysis
  • In healthy or pathological models
  • Applications: Drug-Eluting Stents / Medical Implants

For additional informations of applications in Medical Devices, please inquire.