Preclinical image analysis Imavita

Imavita implemented a specific department of bio-informatics specialized in:

  • Image analysis with automatic or semi-automatic segmentation of acquired images
  • Development / customization of softwares & calculation tools for quantification of imaging biomarkers

Imavita works with the following developed tools:

  • 3DSlicer® / Osirix® with in house developed plugins
  • Matlab®
  • Targeted open or proprietary tools

Imavita has the following resources & collaborations:

  • Access to the calculation cluster available at the incubator CEEI Theogone with the following specifications:
    • Air conditioned / secured room against intrusion / fire / energy failure
    • 1 Gb/s network / Calculation farms of 10 & 40 nodes
    • Hosting & housing of applications servers
  • Collaborations with public / private labs (satellite imaging / specific images treatments)

3D-printing of anatomical specimens from imaged models (SPECT / CT / ultrasonography) is possible for illustrative purpose:

3D printing preclinical imaging Imavita