The vision of our company is to propose to pharmaceutical industries, biotechnology companies and other private & public laboratories, innovating solutions in efficacy / toxicity evaluation of active ingredients in laboratory species by the use of non invasive imaging techniques and appropriate imaging analysis for quantitative evaluation of specific imaging biomarkers.

Why this vision of a company?

  1. We think that all efforts must be done to improve the efficiency of R&D (from fundamental to applied research) and that can be done by the use of innovating imaging approaches.
  2. We need to reduce the number of animals used in research works. Imaging permits to reduce the number of animals in a single study from 50 to 90% if a longitudinal design is applied.
  3. We focus on quantitative imaging and on the development of quantitative imaging biomarkers. This is the best way to reach the previous goals.

Imavita preclinical CRO services

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