Imavita Durg disposition PK

Imavita can evaluate drug disposition and pharmacokinetics (PK) of drugs in preclinical models using unlabeled compound (classical approach) or & using labeled compounds (in vivo imaging approach).
This approach can be applied to:

  • Evaluation of basic pharmacokinetics parameters (F, Vd, T1/2, Cl, etc…) of a molecule
  • Selection of molecules based on biodistribution and tissue target
  • Targeting / optimization of galenic formulations
  • Toxicology studies validation by the evaluation of exposition

Pharmacokinetics / early PK / Biodistribution / Elimination evaluation / ADME

  • Terminal sampling with blood and tissue collection
  • Serial blood sampling from catheterized veins (jugular and/or femoral veins)
  • Evaluation of drug PK / ADME / biodistribution
    • Tissue analysis on collected tissues and matrices by MS analysis (LCMS / MALDI or LAESI on tissue slices (in collaboration))
    • in vivo imaging and image analysis
  • SPECT/CT (99mTc, 111In, 201Tl, 123I labels)
  • MRI (Gd label)
  • Biodistribution / PK parameters calculations (F, Vd, T1/2, Cl, etc…)

Pharmacodynamics / PK/PD relationships

  • Blood / Bile / lymph / CSF catheterized rats
  • Objectives:
    • Transport evaluation of molecules
    • PK/PD relationships

Samples storage facility (-20°C / -80°C / liquid nitrogen)