Imavita is proud to announce the acquisition of new Fluorescence Molecular Tomography imaging apparatus for the evaluation of its models.Imavita Fluoresence Molecular Tomography

Since october 2016, a Fluorescence Tomography system was acquired (FMT2500, Perkin Elmer). The FMT2500 fluorescence tomography imaging system provides the greatest utility of the FMT Systems with the ability to quantitate up to 2 fluorophores simultaneously. It comes with 2 excitation laser channels (680 & 750 nm).

This imaging modality will permit to generate non-invasive, deep tissue quantitative data for pre-clinical models in place at Imavita in Applications of interest.

The benefits of this in vivo imaging modality are:

  • Easily and efficiently obtain calibrated quantitative data in preclinical models
  • Measure and monitor multiple biological processes simultaneously
  • Obtain functional and biological data to improve study designs and enhance decision making
  • Generate 3D, information-rich results
  • Complement the molecular functional findings of fluorescence imaging with other anatomical and/or functional modalities like CT, MRI, PET and
  • Deepen understanding of disease mechanisms, disease progression and therapeutic responses
  • Manage costs and capture time course data by avoiding sacrifice of animal models

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